The Evolution of Online Casinos

The Evolution of Online Casinos

Who would have thought that even the video slot machines could be played on an online format?

The evolution of online casinos has been a long and methodical process. Early forms of online casinos were garage-based spins of machines that merely had labels on them to report payouts to a collector. soon enough the technology would progress to fully mechanical models, and then with the creation of computer networks as with the IShop, Topcycle, poke-and-win were the online slot machines you would find on many sites. They had labels for each of the reel positions, as well as the payout position, on almost all machines. Nowadays, online slot machines are among the most advanced form of gambling, and play in a hugely competitive field against the land-based slots.

Slot machines in America have been around since the late 1800s, but it was not until the 1970s that the Casino Craps game, later to become known as Casino War, was brought to American casinos. This game of chance had essentially the same rules as the game of Bingo, with the difference of being the aspect of war or peace. For example, instead of marking the numbers on a card needed to match the numbered disc being called, you marked the area needed to conceal your card. Then the marker would roll to the side, revealing the card. If the card you held was revealed, you would win even money. If you were able to roll the dice to come up with the seven you had made, you would win double your wager. The basics of this game were eventually simplified, and the game became known as Blackjack for the extra payout for holding a “minimum” of two cards that were all the same, i.e. a jack and a king. The name of the original game remained, although the nuances began to be addressed to the various systems that could be used to play the game.

There are now many variations possible, although many of the variations attempt to bring back elements of the original game. So, what might work, and what might not? For example, there are both single-line and double-line versions, both of which are played with the flexibility to allow the player to bet either on a selection (line), the end of a line (sheets), areas of a card, sequences of numbers, and more. Most of the variations essentially remove the cards or the entire table, and are quite a few of them that allow the players to bet in provinces. Essentially, many of these variations allow the player to more easily operate, since generally there is less information needed to operate the game. Still, there are some things to be considered when switching from one game to another. The first is the payout. Double down on any two cards, including combinations, to receive a payout that is 20 to 1. Since the odds of the dealer drawing a two card to beat you are quite low, this gives you basically no chance of winning, so it’s best to stay with the basic. Most of the double-line games offer the same payout, and the doubling your bet method pays out more, so you can get the same odds, while taking a little more risk.

However, some double-line games offer a higher payout off a ‘oyalty’ point. For example, if you play 100 hands of blackjack, you normally would not be paid at all, but if you bet $1,000, you would receive a payout of 150% of the $1,000 bet. The example here is that if you bet $1,000, you would receive a payout of either (100 x $1,000) – $150%, or (200 x $1,000) – $300. How you handle these double-line games is largely a matter of personal preference. Some people tend to go all-in and hope to either get out of a round easily, or to hit a blackjack to win big and end up winning more money than they would have otherwise. On the other hand, some people want to give the house an even better advantage to beat them. (In the case of a round of doubling, you could simply double your bet on each of the rounds.) If you decide to go for only a single payline, you have a slightly lower chance of winning, since you have to match the payout for a higher number of hands.

The question of interest is: Why play at all? Some folks play for the round-soccer effect. Watching a soccer match is fun, no matter who’s playing. But if you’re playing the bucks, you can’t participate in such vivacity. Rather, it may be more profitable for you to limit your play to the number of hands set by the dealer.

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